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Course Offerings


Borel’s curriculum and instructional practices are aligned with California State and International Baccalaureate standards.  As an  authorized  International Baccalaureate World School, we emphasize rigorous standards-based instruction through best-practices, including hands-on learning and differentiated instruction, in order to meet the learning needs of all students. 

 Language arts, humanities, math, science, and physical education are required at all grade levels. The sixth grade program offers a cultural studies wheel that includes quarter-long courses in Spanish, art, technology, and drama/life skills.  Sixth graders in music class rotate PE and music every other day.  In the seventh grade, students take Spanish cultural studies/art for the full year. Seventh grade students enrolled in music take music for the full year in lieu of Spanish/art. In eighth grade, Spanish is required for a full year.  Eighth graders also take one semester of technology and one semester of art; eighth grade music students take music for the full year in lieu of tech/art. Our EL program offers Read 180 for selected sixth, seventh, and eighth grade EL students. Our special education program consists of resource classes as well as special day classes.   


Language Arts (two periods) - SpringBoard by CollegeBoard for 6th Grade

*Math - CPM Course 1

Science - CPO Earth Science

Social Studies - Glencoe-McGraw Hill Ancient Civilizations

Physical Education / Music (rotated every other day for music students)

Spanish Cultural Studies / Art Cultural Studies / Technology Cultural Studies / Drama Life Skills Cultural Studies (rotated each quarter)


Language Arts (two periods) - SpringBoard by CollegeBoard for 7th Grade

*Math - CPM Course 2

Science - CPO Life Science

Social Studies - Glencoe-McGraw Hill Medieval and Early Modern Times

Physical Education

Spanish Cultural Studies/Art or Music


Language Arts - SpringBoard by CollegeBoard for 8th Grade

*Math - CMP Course 3 or CPM Algebra

Science - CPO Physical Science

Social Studies - Glencoe-McGraw Hill: The American Journey

Physical Education

Spanish - Pearson-Prentice Hall Realidades

Art/Tech (one semester each) or Music

*Please refer to the San Mateo Foster City School District website for information on course compacting