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Incoming 6th Grade Information

Incoming 6th Grade Information

BOREL MIDDLE SCHOOL -- Upcoming 6th Grade Address Verification on the following Wednesdays

  • FEBRUARY 6, 2019  1:00 PM—4:00 PM    LAST NAMES  A  to  L
  • FEBRUARY 13, 2019  1:00 PM—4:00 PM    LAST NAMES  M  to  Q
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2019  1:00 PM—6:00 PM    LAST NAMES  R to  Z

The following documents ARE REQUIRED for address verification.  Please bring original document and a photocopy of each:

  • An up-to-date immunization record ( Tdap not required until 7th grade)
  • Parent identification—driver’s license or other photo I.D.
  • Two original proofs of residency (one from each group listed below)
  • Affidavit of Residence (only if your name does not appear on the required proofs of residency)

Group One

  • Current property tax bill
  • Current rental/lease agreement listing the parent/guardian name, child name(s), and name of property manager/owner and telephone number
  • Current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy
  • State or federal tax return with a W-2 attached (please remove social security number and income information from these documents before submitting)
  • Payroll/check stub with name and address

Group Two

  • Current utility bill (e.g. PG&E, telephone, water, garbage, or cable TV),
  • Bill must be dated within the past 60 days. New residents will have 30 days following enrollment to bring a utility bill.

Orientation Dates for the Parents of Incoming 6th Grade Students

Evening Orientation  

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

5:15- 6:00pm -  Borel Gym

(Open House/ visit classrooms; 5th grade students are encouraged to attend)

***No babysitting provided


FECHAS DE ORIENTACIÓN Para los padres de estudiantes entrantes de 6to grado

Orientación en la Noche  

miércoles, abril 24, 2019

5:15- 6:00pm - gimnasio de Borel

(Casa abierta/ visita a los salones de clases; Animamos a los estudiantes de 5to grado a asistir)

***No se proporciona cuidado de niños

Incoming 6th Grade Music Form (English & Spanish) - click to download  

6th Grade Survival Guide

What is a POD?

No, it’s not an iPod without the “I.”  The Pod is a group of three classes of 6th graders who share three teachers for science, math, social studies and language arts.  The three classrooms are near each other so you won’t have to wander all around the school between every class.  You will get to know the students in your Pod pretty quickly.  The Pod system is designed to help you make friends and to feel settled at Borel.

Explain the schedule.

Your school day is divided into seven periods. Language Arts is a two-period class.  The other classes will be: math, science, social studies, PE, and something called a wheel class.  You will get your actual real live schedule at Head Start Day, plus you will get a chance to meet your teachers, and do a “walk-through” of your schedule.

What if I play an instrument?

If you play an instrument you will alternate between PE class and Band or Orchestra class.Your schedule shows how you will alternate.  You will go to PE on odd dates of the month and Band/Orchestra on even-numbered dates, or vice-versa.

How does PE class work?

Once your PE teacher has assigned you a locker, you will bring your PE uniform (which you can purchase at Head Start Day) and tennis shoes to school, which you are able to leave in your locker.  You will change your clothes for PE and put your valuables in your locker.  Plan on taking your clothes home every now and then to wash.

What do I need on the first day of school?

At Head Start Day you will get a supply list from your homeroom teacher.  Plan on bringing the supplies to school in your backpack on the first day.  Also bring your PE uniform and lock.  It is a good idea to practice opening the combination lock.

Where do I go for help?

There are many places to get help at Borel. Don’t be afraid to ask! Your teachers are always available to talk with you. Our counselors are ready to help you with any kind of questions, class schedules, etc.