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Spring Policy Review March 2018


All students in grades 1 through 6 are required to receive a minimum of 200 minutes of standards-based physical education (PE) instruction every ten days, in addition to their recess and lunch periods. 400 minutes of PE instruction is required in grades 7 and 8. All elementary classes in the District have an established PE teacher who provides a schedule showing weekly days, times and duration of instruction. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s PE schedule or instruction, or would like a copy of the schedule, please talk with your child’s PE teacher or principal. If you are not satisfied with the information the teacher and principal are able to provide, please follow the Uniform Complaint Procedure.

Physical Education Medical Exemption Form - (click here to download)

San Mateo-Foster City School District is committed to ensuring that all students receive their required 200 or 400 minutes of quality standards-based PE instruction every ten days. Any student who does not participate in physical education due to medical reasons, must provide a note from his or her medical doctor that explains the duration of the absence and the activities that the student can or cannot participate in class. If doctor’s note cannot be provided, then the doctor may complete an optional medical exemption form (available in each school office).

The San Mateo-Foster City School District's Wellness Focus

  • Make healthy food and drink choices
  • Be physically active on a regular basis
  • Make sleep a priority
  • Make responsible choices and resolve conflicts in a respectful manner
  • Serve as a positive role model and make a difference in the community

You can find more Wellness Resources on the SMFCSD site.

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