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Borel Middle School provides an international experience through cultural assemblies, performances, and workshops with artists in residence to enhance standards based cross-curricular lessons. We also hold an annual cultural fair to celebrate our school's diversity and the many languages and customs we have at our school. It is our goal that all students will take Spanish in each of their three years at Borel.


Students are encouraged to explore their social and emotional growth as a part of the curriculum at Borel. Classes are offered to students where they address conflict resolution, peer pressure, and positive student interaction. Borel also provides a multitude of support programs such as Math Support and Homework Club, where students are given the opportunity to reflect on their academic goals and receive support from staff members.


Borel students participate in our visual arts program combining art appreciation with visual expression in drawing, painting, sculpture, and design.  We also offer a strong performing arts program offering band, jazz band, orchestra, and drama where students are involved in performances, music concerts, traveling competitions and our annual school musical.


We offer courses in basic computer skills and web 2.0 tools. Students explore the creation of PowerPoint/Google presentations, yearbook pages and current-event short films within the offered courses. We also have mobile Chromebook labs to enrich classroom activities as well as two large stationary labs for student use.


Students at Borel are involved in community outreach programs for our surrounding community and beyond. There is an Environmental Club which aims to educate the students and staff at Borel on the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Our global outreach includes a Salute the Troops project that collects supplies for the troops overseas, the Canned Food Drive during the holidays, and money collection for Red Cross relief.