Measure X - New Gym & Classroom Project

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Measure X Update - New Gym & Classrooms Project - February 2019

Dear Borel Community,

We have exciting news to share with you!  After many months of planning, undergoing a lengthy State review process, coordinating with the City of San Mateo on their adjacent Fire House project, dealing with the rising costs of construction in the Bay Area which have affected our project, we are now poised to award the excavation, grading and underground utilities bid for the Borel project.

The lowest, most responsive and responsible bidder for this phase of the work has a solid reputation for timely and professional work.  Of equal importance, the bid is close to the revised budget approved by the Board of Trustees last June after a second independent cost estimate was done.  The award of bid is on the District’s Board of Trustees’ agenda for February 21.  The succeeding weeks will be spent on finalizing contract documents, securing performance bonds and managing all the details needed to put the first shovel in the ground in late March/early April.

Below is a timeline of what will be occurring:

  • March 2019 - Staff, parent and community meetings about the excavation and grading plans including the schedule and work hours, any impacts on the school including noontime, PE instruction and student safety, impacts on the surrounding neighborhood, and key contacts during the project
  • Late March/early April (weather dependent) - Preparation for the start of excavation/grading including the installation of construction fencing and access drive from Borel Avenue and start of excavation and grading for the six new classrooms, gym and locker rooms
  • June - Award of bid for construction of gym and locker rooms (budget dependent)
  • July - Excavation/Grading and Utility installation completed (weather dependent)
    - Start of construction of the gym and locker rooms
  • Fall - Beginning of installation of six new classrooms
  • December - New classrooms ready for occupancy (weather dependent)
  • Late spring 2020 - Anticipated occupancy of gym and locker rooms (weather dependent)

I invite you to attend the Community Meeting planned for Tuesday, March 19 at 6:30 pm in the Borel Library.  The meeting will include a project update; renderings; plans during the excavation/grading such as hours of work, contractor parking, contractor contact information, construction fencing; and impact on the neighborhood and on school operations such as physical education classes, noontime activities, and evacuation plans.  The Community Meeting also will include an opportunity to ask questions.   Photos of work in progress will be posted later this spring after excavation and grading begin.

Thank you for your support on this journey to provide needed facilities for Borel’s students.

Joan Rosas, Ed.D.