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Daily Bulletin

Thursday, December 14, 2017

**FESTIVE HOLIDAY PLANTS AS GIFTS---Interested?  Borel's Garden Club is selling flowering plants and succulents with holiday ribbons and cute plant pots at lunch this Thursday and Friday in Room 18.  Cost will be $3-5 each.  Limited supply so don't be late!!


**Yearbook: Last chance so don’t miss it. Yearbooks are on sale at the low cost of $45, add a name stamp for 5 dollars more. After winter break price will increase to $50 for a yearbook and name stamps will no longer be available, so get one today.  Got online at www.yearbook forever.com or come by room 38 and ask Ms. Wolf for an order form.


**Please join us for debate club this Friday in room 23. Our topic will be “Should the US eliminate the penny?” Please do your research for both sides and we hope to see you there. All are welcome!