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Daily Bulletin

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


**If you missed the track meeting and you are interested in track, please come to the office and pick up a flyer during passing period.


**Attention all Spring Athletes: There is a mandatory Sports Night meeting Wednesday, March 27,  starting at 4:30 in our gym. If you are playing a spring sport, you must attend with a family member, bring a pen and your donation. We will announce at that time if we were able find coaches.


**We had a great turnout at the tennis tryouts on March 11 & 12 and we are able to have a good start on building the 2019 tennis team. We still have a few more spots to fill on the 2019 Tennis Team, so get your tennis practice done this weekend and we will see you all at the final tryouts on Tuesday, March 26

We look forward to complete the team selection on Tuesday, March 26 and kick-off the 2019 Borel tennis season next on March 28.  All tennis will be cancelled and reschedule if we have Rain or Wet Courts on March 26 & 28.  

March 26 - Final Tennis Tryouts:  Location Aragon, sign in at the tennis courts 3:30pm

March 28 - Tennis Team first meeting, we will go over:

- Tennis Practice and Match Schedules

- Tennis ranking and ladder

- Rules and guidelines when we play tennis at Aragon and at other schools

We will be collecting the completed Tennis Team T-shirt order forms and Payment.


**It’s Pattern day! Great job to everyone who wore your polka dots, stripes, zig zags and more! Don’t forget to be comfy and cozy for tomorrow’s pajama day!  It's scheduled to rain, so be sure to wear school appropriate pajamas and shoes. Wouldn't want your slippers to get soaked! Dress like a celebrity of your choosing this Thursday and show everyone your famous side! A celebrity can be anyone famous in television, movies, music, art, social media, history and more! On Friday, show your school spirit for a favorite college, high school, Borel or elementary school with their school merchandise! Show everyone who you cheer for!