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Borel Middle School, home of the Bobcats, is a highly rated, diverse and inclusive public school located in San Mateo, California. There are approximately 900 students, 50 teachers, 4 full time counselors, 2 Student Services TOSAs, an Assistant Principal, a Principal, plus numerous classroom and office support staff. Together with our parent and district partners, we create a “positive and safe community where students are motivated to collaborate, lead, reflect and learn in a rigorous and engaging environment.” 

Students learn in seven engaging academic blocks. On Mondays students engage in all seven periods of learning and Tuesday-Friday students see half of their classes in 85 minute learning blocks. All students take English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science and then elect from an amazing array of electives including our award winning Music and Drama program, AVID, College and Career Exploration Lab, Art, Spanish, and Technology classes. We also have specifically designed classes for students with learning differences, students who are developing English as a second language as well as an accelerated math pathway. 

We believe in the power of building multiple academic and social connections and offer lunch and after school programs that include sports, music, drama, clubs, and homework help. We want every student to make news friends while at Borel and be able to list at least one trusted adult on campus. We also want every student and family member to give back to the community in the form of service. We are committed that all students get what they need to be successful and we beam with royal blue school spirit that we proudly wear each Friday.