Borel Reopening & Resources

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Borel Reopening Information

Starting Monday, April 19th, there is a new bell schedule for EVERYONE whether you are in person or Distance Learning. Phased hybrid students need to know their first-period classroom number and view this map to know where their classroom is located on campus.  A map is also located in the Binder Reminder. Before 7:30 am each day, phased hybrid families need to complete the Frontline daily wellness check (instructions & video).  Before Monday, please review the on-campus reopening procedures and the safety guidelines. Students returning in the phased hybrid need to bring their District issued Chromebook fully charged to school each day.  If you do not have a District Chromebook, you will receive one on Monday. Thank you for taking the time to review these important reminders.

Borel Resources for Distance Learning - 2020/2021

Parent Information Night