Community Service

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Borel values Community Service!

What is Community Service? At Borel, we believe it is important to give back to your community. We create experiences on campus and share ideas for off campus service. We define service as something you do to help your community. You are not doing it for money, or as part of your expected chores at home, but you are doing it because it’s helpful. We find students enjoy helping out and learn a lot from the experiences. Listen to the announcements and check the list below for opportunities!

How do Students Track Service? Each time a student participates in a community service experience, they record it on our Community Service Tracker and Reflection sheet. They get a signature from their direct supervisor of that event. Then they take time to write a reflection about how they felt about helping out. We love reading these reflections. 

Grades, Awards & Recognition: Students will receive points for serving, documenting and reflection upon their service. These points are a part of their 4th quarter Social Studies class. Social Studies teachers track your hours and champion your growth throughout the year. At the end of the year, we want to celebrate our top service awards in each grade. Community Service is also part of our Block B Program too. For more on Block B, click here or see our planner.

Coming Soon! Check out Student Testimonials to learn how great community service feels!

On Campus Opportunities

  • Morning announcements 
    • See Counselors
  •  Scorekeeper for Sports Games (Year-round)     
    • See Athletic Director, Mr. Schmitt (
  •  Set-Up/Clean Up for School Dances (Year-round)      
    • See Assistant Principal Brilhart
  •  Chair Crew (Year-round)  
    • See Assistant Principal Brilhart
    • Before school and after school opportunities
  •  School Safety Squad (Year-round)    
    • See Principal Notte
  •  Teacher Helper (Year-round)    
    • contact individual teacher
    • at lunch or after school opportunities
  •  Head Start Day (August)    
    • See Assistant Principal Brilhart
    • Set-up/Clean up
    •  Guide
    •  Work a station
  •  Fun Run for Sports (Fall)    
    • See Athletic Director
    •  Set-up/Clean up
    •  Tally person on track
  •  Cultural Fair (Spring)    
    • See Social Studies Teacher
    • Student Docent
    • Sunday booth set up
    • Food distribution
    • Wednesday food fair clean up
  •  PTA Sponsored Events     
    • Campus Clean-Up (Spring)
    • Table Top Luncheon (Spring)
  •  Invention Fair (Spring)    
    • See Science Teacher
    • Invention Fair t-shirt design
    • Set-up and clean up
    • T-shirt and snack sales

Off Campus Opportunities

  • Assistant Coach/referee for younger sports teams
  • Babysit for free
  • Bake Sale, donate money to Red Cross
  • Clean Up Beach, Creek, Community, Park
  • Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA
  • Dog Walker/Pet Sitter for free
  • Samaritan House -
  • Help family/neighbors with a non-chore task (ex: gardening, cleaning)
  • Highlands Recreation Center volunteer
  • Volunteer Lifeguard
  • Maker Faire Volunteer
  • Pre-school, elementary school teacher helper
  • Rebuilding Together - building houses
  • Senior Citizen Home visit/volunteer
  • Volunteer at Curiodyssey