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Incoming 6th Grade Information

Incoming 6th Grade Orientation Dates

On Wednesday May 25th, 2022 we have an incoming Sixth Grade Orientation Zoom. If you missed it, check these out:

Stay tuned to this page to confirm our 6th Grade Head Start Day tentatively scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, August 9.

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Incoming 6th Grade Address Verification

March 16, 2022, 1:30 - 3:30 Last Name A-M
March 23, 2022, 1:30 - 3:30 Last Name N-Z

6th Grade Survival Guide

At Borel we strive to create a supportive transition to our great middle school. One way we are able to build community is through teams. What this means for 6th grade this year is that there are 14 6th grade homeroom teams. Some people in the past might ask, “What pod am I in?” We’ve been using teams for the last several years. We are not using letters or numbers as each team is special, unique, and will build community together starting in their homeroom.

For all grades there is a homeroom which is like your team’s homefield. They will start the day in their homeroom/1st period and each Wednesday they will practice a social emotional learning skill using Second Step Curriculum. More details about Second Step will follow.

Students in the sixth grade will have core* team teachers. That means they will have classes together and get to know each other and share a set of core teachers. 

*Core = Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science

Explain the schedule.

Your school day is divided into seven periods. Language Arts is a two-period class.  The other classes will be: math, science, social studies, PE, and a wheel class.  You will get your actual real live schedule at Head Start Day, plus you will get a chance to meet your teachers, and do a “walk-through” of your schedule.

What if I play an instrument?

If you play an instrument you will alternate between PE class and Band or Orchestra class.Your schedule shows how you will alternate.  You will go to PE on odd dates of the month and Band/Orchestra on even-numbered dates, or vice-versa.

How does PE class work?

Once your PE teacher has assigned you a locker, you will bring your PE uniform (which you can purchase at Head Start Day) and tennis shoes to school, which you are able to leave in your locker.  You will change your clothes for PE and put your valuables in your locker.  Plan on taking your clothes home every now and then to wash.

What do I need on the first day of school?

At Head Start Day you will get a supply list from your homeroom teacher.  Plan on bringing the supplies to school in your backpack on the first day.  Also bring your PE uniform and lock.  It is a good idea to practice opening the combination lock.

Where do I go for help?

There are many places to get help at Borel. Don’t be afraid to ask! Your teachers are always available to talk with you. Our counselors are ready to help you with any kind of questions, class schedules, etc.