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Block B Award Program

Block B Award Program

Show Your Borel Bobcat Pride!

Students are encouraged to be active citizens at Borel Middle School and in the community as a whole. We encourage students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world. The contributions made by Borel students while in attendance at Borel Middle School are recognized with the Block B award. Points are accumulated in three categories: Academics, Community Service and Participation.

Each student must earn 400 total points over their three years at Borel to receive a Block B award. Annual awards can be earned with 135 points per year. It is each student’s responsibility to complete the attached Block B record card and acquire the necessary signatures. It is recommended that students get signatures four times a year or once per quarter instead of waiting to gather signatures until May. Signatures for Academic items are not required, the Main Office will take care of that at the end of each quarter.

Block B Record Card 2021-2022

The Block B record card then needs to be returned to the office by the deadline of May 13, 2022 in order to be tallied. Students get a new record card at the start of the school year. There are extra copies of the Block B record card in the office or here.

Students who earn 135 points per year in 6th or 7th grade, as well as 8th grade students who do not receive the Block B:

  • will earn a “Borel Block B in training” wristband bracelet

Students who earn 400 points by the end of 8th grade*:

  • will earn the Block B T-Shirt and certificate.
  • will be acknowledged at the daytime awards ceremony.
  • will be noted in the graduation program.

*For each 100 points earned beyond the Block B students will receive a felt star. The top three points earners will receive a plaque at the evening awards ceremony and their names will be added to a plaque in the main office.

Community Service: Remember, all students are required to complete 10 hours of Community Service. Students must complete the blue Community Service Forms totaling nine hours and then have their social studies teacher sign off on their Block B report card. Then you can start earning up to 30 additional Block B points in this category per year. There are many opportunities on campus to complete your Community Service hours, but we also encourage you to go out into your community beyond Borel as well.

Participation: There are many ways to participate in the Borel Community. In addition to the great drama, music, and sports programs, there are also lots of clubs and events. New ones pop up every year! Here are some possibilities: