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Community Service

Borel values Community Service!

What is Community Service?  At Borel, we believe it is important to give back to your community.  We create experiences on campus and share ideas for off campus service.  We define service as something you do to help your community.  You are not doing it for money, or as part of your expected chores at home, but because it’s helpful. We find students enjoy helping out and learn a lot from the experiences.

Ideas to get you started:

Listen to the announcements and check our website and newsletters:

  • Help a teacher, check connect with a staff member and ask, “How can I help?”.

    School Clean Up Image
  • Help keep the campus clean:  Be a lunch monitor, hallway monitor, or participate in an after school campus clean up.
Be An Upstander Image
  • Be an upstander:  Report to your trusted adult or to the administration to ensure students are safe.  Your voice and actions matter.  Last year, due to upstander work, we were able to keep campus clean and stop the online spread of hate and harmful language.

  • Look for opportunities to volunteer within San Mateo County.

How do Students Track Service?  Each time a student participates in a community service experience, they record it on our Community Service Tracker and Reflection Sheet.  They get a signature from their direct supervisor of that event.  Then they take time to write a reflection with their thoughts and feelings about helping out.  We love reading these reflections. 

Grades, Awards & Recognition:  Students will receive points for serving, documenting and reflection upon their service.  These points are a part of their fourth quarter Social Studies class. Social Studies teachers track your hours and champion your growth throughout the year.  At the end of the year, we want to celebrate our top service awards in each grade.  Community Service is also part of our Block B Program too.  For more about Block B, click here or see our planner.

Coming Soon!  Check out Student Testimonials to learn how great community service feels!