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Health & Safety Resources

Covid Pool Testing

In the San Mateo-Foster City School District, we seek to maintain a safe environment for employees, students, families, and the community. To support those goals, the district has partnered with Concentric by Ginkgo to provide an optional and free COVID-19 pooled testing program.  Participating in this program will help safeguard the wellbeing of our entire school community.

Learn more about pooled testing in the SMFCSD by checking out the Pooled Testing Plan English / Spanish. Additionally, you can find pooled testing resources on the District website.

Please fill out and submit the online consent request below if you wish to give consent for your child to be included in the pooled testing program.  Paper copies of the consent form are available here and in the Borel office in English & Spanish.

  1. Consent Form
  2. Access Code: BOREL2021
  3. Then enter your child’s information, and you’re done!