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Library Catalog and Research



California public schools have access to these databases. See Library Staff for user names and passwords.

Database What Do They Have? URL

Encyclopedia Brittanica
General information database. Teachers and students can create their own personal account.
SIRS Discoverer (Proquest) Selected content for beginning researchers, especially for elementary and middle school
SIRS Issues Researcher (Proquest) Pros and Cons of various complex issues
CultureGrams (Proquest) Information about countries
eLibrary (Proquest) Periodical and digital media content
Proquest Research Companion Tutorials to help you do research
Proquest Central Student Full-text scholarly articles, recommended for grades 9+
  • San Mateo Public Library’s (SMPL) databases: A variety of databases: general knowledge, biographies, pros and cons, etc. You need a SMPL account to access these.
  • Tutorials on how to do research:
  • How to cite sources:
    • MLA style:
    • APA style: