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Communication Guidelines

Guidelines for Communication Vehicles

All school communication vehicles are for the exclusive use of the school and/or PTA. They are NOT advertising vehicles for individuals or businesses. When needed, submissions will be forwarded to the PTA President(s) and/or Principal for review and approval before publication.   

Borel Bobcat Blast (Published on Thursday)

PTA Related Submissions

School or Community Related Submissions

  • Submit School or Community items to Katherine Russell in the Borel office, at
  • Submission Deadline:  FRIDAY, noon the week before the blast

For both submission types

  • The subject line of the email should read Borel Bobcat Blast, date the submission should go in blast, Event Title (ie: Borel Bobcat Blast, 8/19/20, Borel Boosters)
  • Headline should be bold, underlined and no more than 8 words.
  • The article should be concise and no more than 1 paragraph.
  • Font: Ariel 10 point.
  • Attachments and links may be included.  Attachments must be attached in Microsoft Word format.
  • Submissions must be edited and ready for print.
  • Copy the PTA board member
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If the event needs to be advertised over multiple weeks, YOU MUST RESUBMIT YOUR EMAIL EVERY WEEK. Repeating information can be necessary, however please do not overuse it.

Borel Middle School Website 

Please submit all requests for to Alyssa Goldrath, the Borel Webmaster, at

Information can be published in the following ways:


  • The Borel Bobcat Blasts are automatically posted on the Borel website.
  • The home page content is at the discretion of the Principal.   
  • Major PTA events such as Magazine Sales, Table Top Lunch, etc. can be included on the Home page news. 


  • Submission Deadline: As soon as the date is confirmed. Guidelines on what should be on the calendar:  tryout dates for sports, but not all games and practices, all major events and fundraisers. The calendar is located in the right column of the Home page.
  • Date of Event
  • Title of the Event
  • Event details or forms (optional)

Static Web Pages 

  • To be used for reference materials.
  • Special section where flyers are kept and can be downloaded by users.
  • New web pages can be created to hold longer communications.  For instance, pages are created to support Boosters, Reflections, Table Top Luncheon etc. Articles submitted for the weekly blast can be shorter and can have links to this area of the website that include greater details.
  • There are pages for each sport where game/meet schedules are kept.

Borel PTA Website

Please submit requests for the Borel PTA Website ( to


Borel PTA Facebook Page

Please submit requests for items to be included on the Borel Bobcat Boosters Facebook Group page to Lou McGee ( Note that we can only post about Borel PTA, or school news. No photos, please. We are unable to honor posts about all feeder schools, high schools, neighborhood events, charity events, etc., as content is highly curated to PTA or Borel school news in order stay relevant for Borel Middle School families. 

Automated Telephone System

  • Reaches every family in Borel with a recorded telephone message. 
  • The principal and her staff approve and record messages. 
  • Intended for school-wide notices such as Back-to-School night, Parent-Teacher conferences, and unusual minimum days. 
  • PTA and extracurricular groups will use it occasionally for important issues such as fundraising drive, cultural fair, and spring musical.
  • If the activity is PTA related, please contact the PTA President for approval.  

Spanish Translations

In keeping with our commitment to inclusivity, all PTA and parent communication must be translated into Spanish. Katherine Russell in the Borel office, is the contact for coordinating translations. Reach her at