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Parent Teacher Associate (PTA)

The Borel PTA,  Bobcat Boosters,  are a group of parents and caregivers who take a strong interest in the education of our children. Our yearly donations bridge the gap between the funds our school receives from the State and the funds our school needs to offer every student a quality, well-rounded, meaningful education.

Learn more about us on our Bobcat Boosters PTA website

Become a Bobcat Booster

Join and Donate to the Borel PTA! Your 2020-2021 tax-deductible donation supports the academic success of ALL STUDENTS by funding critical needs such as:

  • Academic Support: funding for instructional materials, online subscriptions, supplemental materials and professional development to compliment curriculum and ensure well stocked classrooms
  • Office Support: Additional staffing that provides critical and consistent support to students, staff and families
  • Technology: academic tools such as chrome books/iPads to enhance the educational experience in the classroom
  • Student and Parent Programs/Events: outdoor education, 8th grade graduation, field trips, student academic recognition and parent education programs 

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Support Borel with our Fundraisers

Please see below the opportunities available to support Borel:


We know middle school can be a challenge as our kids turn into teens with increased demands at the very same time that distance is needed so that students develop tools of self-sufficiency.  With those competing trends in mind, we created this “Cheat Sheet” with some highlights to help families navigate their way through their time here at Borel. 

Click to view Parent Cheat Sheet - English / Click to view Parent Cheat Sheet - Spanish