Borel Clubs

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Get Involved with Borel Clubs, Sports, Programs and More!

Borel Clubs, Sports, Programs and More

When Teacher / Room #
Student Council Thursday, Lunch A / Lunch B Tarantino, 21
Music Tutor Program Wednesday, 12:50 - 1:30 Grotans / Fraire, 9
Yearbook Tuesday & Thursday, Lunch B Wolf, 38
LGBTQ - Rainbow Club 6th Grade 1st/4th Friday of the month, Lunch A Hofman, 5
LGBTQ - Rainbow Club 7th Grade Friday, Lunch B Leiss, 20
Anime Club Monday, Lunch A / Lunch B

Lunch A - Grotans / Tarantino, 21

Lunch B - Rick, 13

Monday Math (Power Math members only) Monday, 3:00 Cabalfin, 12
Garden Club Tuesday, Lunch B Lim, 18
Power Math Friday twice a month, 3:00

6th Grade - Cabalfin, 12

7th & 8th Grade - Ozeki, 1

Homework Club Monday and Thursday, 3:00 - 4:00

Brilhart, Library

Movie Club Tuesday, Lunch A

Philippon, 37

Recycling Club 2nd/3rd Friday of the month, Lunch A

Hofman, 5

Creative Writing Club Thursday, Lunch B

Cohn, 34

Project Pantry Club Tuesday, Lunch A / Lunch B

Spaulding, 4

Tech Club Wednesday, 1:15 - 2:15


Borel Great Books Club First Wednesday of the month, 1:00 


Borel Organized Library Team (BOLT) TBA


Book Club Last Monday of the month, Lunch A / Lunch B


Drama Workshops Various (listen for announcements)

Goldrath, 3

Annual Musical

Auditions - end of Oct

Performance - March

Goldrath, 3

Fall Sports

Fall: volleyball (girls), cross-country (no cut sport), flag football

Codianne, PE

 Winter Sports

Winter: basketball

 Codianne, PE
 Spring Sports

Spring: soccer, tennis, track and field (no cut sport), volleyball (boys)

 Codianne, PE
Office Aide / Teacher's Aide (8th Grade Only)

Fall & Spring Semester

Potter, Office
Sports Desk

Daily, Lunch A / Lunch B

Notte / Brilhart
Homeroom Community Circle Planning Club

After school once a month

Hofman / Prevoteau / Brilhart / Notte
Chill Zone


YSB Office 
Morning Announcements


Wharton, Office
If you don't see something of interest, tell an adult at school your interests and perhaps we can start a new club!

Also, remember that all students ar expected to do 10 hours of Community Service. 

Ask a teacher or staff member if you'd like to do those hours on campus.